Lapland in Finland
Surrondings area

The National Park area is 1020 km2 consist of two mountain groups, separated by the rough ground in the valley passage Hannukuru. The two mountains groups are different in nature from each other. Pallas mountains are more rounded and are more close to each other.

The view from top hills are very beautiful over mountain scenery and the Lapland's unspoiled countryside.

Ounastunturi consist of open hilly country and give taste of the bare mountain landscape.

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Close to lake Vuontisjärvi which gives possibilities to recreation, fishing, canoe-trips and also place for own rowing-boat.

Prohibition to use motor boats in the lake.

Fish to catch in the lake are whitefish, perch, pike and pike-perch.

3 km to Ounasjoki river for catching wild salmon.




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Immediate surroundings Laplands pearl at Pallas - Yllästunturi National Park

Map of National Park

The park is very important for research purposes, as well as for nature conservation and recreation.

Air quality is closely monitored at a station which forms part of a world-wide network, with results showing that the air quality at area is the cleanest in Europe.