Lapland in Finland
Technical installations







993 40 Raattama, Finland.

Municipality: Enontekiö

Real estate registration: Pasila 2:160

Plot area: 2050 m2,


Map of the plot you will find here

Water and sewage are connected to Kyrön Water Association Ltd.

Electrical power is connected tol Muonio Electrical operative society.

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Technical description

Water and sewage

Cold water pipe in the ground is insulated and equipped with electric heating which  is controlled by a sensor in the ground.

Cold water pipe is drawn to the technical part of the house, which is located in the upper floor of the house. There is even the  water-heater placed and solenoid valve to shut-off water while the house is unoccupied.

From the technical part of the house the heat and coldwater pipelines are installed unbroken to each mixers. No  hidden joints or visible pipes.

Sewage pipes are installed under the  foundation slab and connected to the main pipe at the site boarder.



All heating is based on electric.

Every room in the ground floor of the house has floor heating.

In the upper floor of the house there are electrical radiators.



Mechanical exhaust air with a fan placed in the technical part, upper floor of the house. Is controlled by reostat.

Outdoor air is supplied by slot units installed  above windows and can be open/closed by damper.

The kitchen fan is placed above a hood.


Control and supervision

Control panel with GSM-SIM card will automatically send alarm at burglary, fire,  water leakage, low temperature or electrical power supply failure etc.

The heating of the rooms and sauna unit can be controlled by telephone.


Outside dimension: BTA = 16,4 x 8,8m, 144m2

Net area: 120 m2

Other areas, store and garage: 35 m2


The foundation slab is made by lightweight aggregates (expanded clay) blocks and insulated around and under the foundation slab.


The shell and walls are made of very special timber of Kelo Honka

pine, very old one with diameter of 350-400 mm.

What is Kelo Honka, read here>>>


The windows are type of double glasses, very well insulated with

Argon gas, U-value = 1,0 W/m2K0.


Garage or storage: 4x5 m, 20 m2.

The foundation slab is made of lightweight aggregates (expanded clay) blocks and around and concrete

The shell and walls are made of timber of Kelo Honka, pine, very old one, with diameter 250 mm.


The house consists of;

Open kitchen to the living-room, living-room with the height of about 5 meters, bedroom, relaxing room, shower, sauna, bathroom, laundry room.

In the upper floor, one room, 2 stores. In one of those stores there is the technical part of the house for fan and water-heater.