Lapland in Finland
Information about the area



993 40 Raattama, Finland.

Municipality: Enontekiö

Real estate registration: Pasila 2:160

Plot area: 2050 m2,


Map of the plot you will find here

Water and sewage are connected to Kyrön Water Association Ltd.

Electrical power is connected to Muonio Electrical operative society.

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Information about the area


Good standard of roads and motor road to the house and garage drive.

Connection to telephone networks is available.

Coverage of GSM, GPRS and 3G mobile telephone is good.

Good reception of television of analogue and digital signals via parabolic antenna.

Water and sewage system are built out in the area.

Electrical power supply is built out and connected.

Municipality garbage collection is organised for the area.

Snow-clearance works via agreement with mutual road association.

Road to lake waterside for laying down the rowing-boats.


60 m to the lake Vuontisjärvi.

150 m to Vuontispirtti Mountin Hotel.

7 km to Raattama were you have post office, shop, restaurant and petrol station.

22 km till Pallas Mountain Hotel and lifts for downhill skiing.

55 km to Muonio chief town with the facilities as care centre, polis, chemist's, wine and spirit shop and market shops etc.

60 km to Levi ski resort.

80 km to Kittilä airport.


Fishing in the lakes and rivers.

Picking berries and mushrooms in the nature.

Hiking in mountain surroundings.

The hiking trails are usually marked in the terrain. By the trails you will find services as fireplaces, wilderness hut with beds, café etc.

Ski tracks in the area are well prepared for skiing classic or skate and for downhill ski at the nearby resort.

Ski weeks during the Springtime with different starting places and finishing lines. Distances between 40 to 80 km.

Open completion events for pilk fishing in spring winter season.


Midnight sun during 25 May - 20 July.Midnight sun


Autumn colourful splendour during

10 - 20 September.


Covering of snow during

15 October - 15 May .


Midwinter darkness during

3 December - 3 January.